Rise Of The Ageless One

To Haven!

Date: Mirtul 1, 1479 DR Joke: Part 19?

  • The Remaining 4 characters arrive at the Green Dragon and meet Mark. They then exit Neverwinter and begin to travel along the road to haven.
  • The party comes across a group of bandits who have been terrorizing travelers. They engage the bandits.
  • A cleric who has been held captive by the bandits is able to escape his bonds and engages the bandits. Dartz goes into a blind rage as Alexander is nearly killed, cursing the bandits in the name of Lloth. After the bandits are vanquished, the stranger turns out to be Cal-amar. The old man from the inn appears, and asks to join the group on the trip to Haven. The group accepts and continues to Haven.



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