Rise Of The Ageless One

To Haven!
Date: Mirtul 1, 1479 DR Joke: Part 19?
  • The Remaining 4 characters arrive at the Green Dragon and meet Mark. They then exit Neverwinter and begin to travel along the road to haven.
  • The party comes across a group of bandits who have been terrorizing travelers. They engage the bandits.
  • A cleric who has been held captive by the bandits is able to escape his bonds and engages the bandits. Dartz goes into a blind rage as Alexander is nearly killed, cursing the bandits in the name of Lloth. After the bandits are vanquished, the stranger turns out to be Cal-amar. The old man from the inn appears, and asks to join the group on the trip to Haven. The group accepts and continues to Haven.
In the Beginning...
Greengrass, 1478 DR
  • The characters meet at the Green Dragon Tavern in Neverwinter on the holiday of Greengrass.
  • A hooded girl with an ornate necklace exites the tavern, and a bar fight begins
  • The characters chase after the hooded girl and find that it is Princess Valinae, who askes the party to find a temple in the forest
  • The characters search through Neverwinter for a way out of the city and where the temple is. They find out that Pieter Nalice, the tavern keeper of the Green Dragon, may know both. He asks the group to escort his eldest son, Mark Nalice, to the village of Haven , where they may discover the location of the temple that Valinae spoke of.
  • The party finds a decent inn to spend the night at. They run into a strange old man with a dragon staff. A man cloaked in white rushes into the inn, and a fight almost starts, but the old man prevents it.
  • The characters awake in the morning, finding that the rouge has left. Draco wishes his good friend Shockthooth farewell, and politely leaves. As the remaining characters make thier way to the Green Dragon, they find that the other wizard has vanished.

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