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  • Philip Marus

    King Philip Marus, or King Philip the Great, is the current king of the city of Neverwinter. He began as an adventurer, and some time had become friends with Lord [[:hrothgar-1 | Hrothgar]]. He apparently used the wealth he obtained as an adventurer to …

  • Enthod Marus

    The eldest son of [[:king-philip | King Philip]] of Neverwinter, Enthod is the current heir to the city of Neverwinter. He acts as the city's chief diplomat, and is rarely at home in the castle.

  • Mayel Marus

    Not much is known of the current queen of Neverwinter, other than her husband is [[:king-philip | King Philip Marus]], and that her chidren are [[:enthod-marus | Enthod]], [[:valinae-1 | Valinae]], and [[:neryn-marus | Neryn]].

  • Neryn Marus

    Prince Nerynis the youngest son of [[:king-philip | King Philip]], the king of Neverwinter. He is the third in line for the throne, and has almost never thought that he has a chance to be king. He has instead used his influence to become the captain of …

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